Get CPC Certification Online Today!

The process of becoming a Professional Medical Coder is largely marked by whether or not you want to do things virtually so it’s a good thing they offer CPC Certification Online. There is certainly the option of using the traditional classroom method; however the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) has recognized that times have changed. The majority of potential professionals are turning more and more to online courses to get proper training for careers. The ability to teach students online opens up a world of flexible possibilities that allows the night-shift worker and stay-at-home mom the same opportunity to get into a profession they want.

Getting a CPC certification is no exception to this phenomenon. There are ways to get prepared for CPC certification on the internet. Your first step is to take a look at the AAPC website and see if medical coding is something you really want to do. Anyone can become CPC certified as long as you have good self-discipline. Almost everything in the process to becoming certified can be done online except for the actual exam itself (which is administered at testing sites around the United States) and 1 year of relevant experience.

Requirements for CPC Certification Online

In order to get certified you not only have to take the 150 multiple-choice exam, but you have to show 2 years of relevant experience that can be approved by the AAPC. 1 year of this experience can be supplemented by online courses; however the other year must be completed manually.

There are many online resources at your fingertips in order to prepare and take the CPC certification exam. Once you have registered on the AAPC website for an exam you will receive your login information. This will allow you to access their database at any time you would like. You can sign up for classes and complete them at your own pace. You have 6 weeks between applying for the exam and receiving confirmation, so make sure that when you schedule your exam date it is after the 6 weeks.

Preparing for your CPC Certification Online

Most likely you will have to prepare for your certification in a variety of ways that will take more than 6 weeks. So make sure you plan everything out first. Through the AAPC website they have a special CPC Preparation Course, CPC certification study guide (385 pages), and CPC certification practice exam available to you. They also offer 2 month long courses for Medical Terminology and Anatomy. Of course, availability comes at a price. Each course you take will cost some money, however practice exams are easier to come by.

It’s important to educate yourself about what exactly will be covered by the test so that in the event that you prepare yourself outside of the AAPC materials, you will know if the practice is helpful. You can take virtual or telecourses through any local community college in areas you think need improvement. Perhaps you feel you are good to go on Billing and Reimbursement but you lack in Anatomy and Physiology. You can take a course to brush up your skills.

So as you can see, the bulk of work and preparation that goes into being CPC certified can be done in the internet. The AAPC provides the opportunity for anyone to get the most out of internet resources for practice all the way up until the date of the exam. So if you think the online option is for you, getting CPC certified through internet methods is absolutely doable.