Does Spain have a great indie video game industry?

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2021 has come with enthusiasm for the indie video game industry in Spain. It has been a very promising year for this industry in Spain, with several titles made in our territories announcing a good future. If you’re tired of Triple-A video games like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, you should try one of the best indie games of the year. In this list, you will find games for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. On eneba you can find the latest indie game titles from Spain and believe us, it’s worth a try.

From the oldest ones, such as Maldita Castilla to Moonlighter, Spain has developed high-quality indie games that have exceeded everyone’s expectations on

Temtem by Crema Games

One of the titles of the PlayStation 5 release. This should be enough to understand the magnitude of this video game, which has earned the label “Pok√©mon” in its independent version.

Call of the Sea de Out of the Blue

Although it is not from 2021, we can include it as such. This title, 7 months ago, was first seen and announced on “Inside XBOX”. If you liked “Firewatch” games, you should check out them.

Blasphemous from The Game Kitchen

It’s never good to exaggerate, but this title would have been a shame if we were missing it in this compilation. If you’re a fan of a saga like “Castlevania”, don’t miss this title.


The game has a good variety of maps that include very different enemies. To face them, you need to know how to choose the right set of weapons and know-how to combine their skills. It does not stand out for its excessive difficulty, although it will force us to face it carefully: when we die, all our objects are lost. Items are not only important to sell, because the protagonist does not increase the level, but is improved by the weapons and shields with which he wears.

Anima: Gate of Memories of Anima Project

Third-person action RPG in which the player can switch at any time, even in the middle of a combination, between the two main characters. He is part of a transmedia project that started with the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role-playing books and the Anima: Tactics miniature game.


Start playing Firewatch by exploring the universe in which the story takes place. Little by little, the argument unfolds: Henry, a volunteer in a national park in the United States, is tasked with making sure there are no fires.

Although you will be in contact by radio with another volunteer, Delilah, you will be practically alone and you will only have to find out what is going on.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is one of those games where everything we say can be a gutter and the more blindly you immerse yourself in the experience, the better. So, let’s just say that if you like transcendental spatial movements, you can’t miss them. For some reason, it is one of the … Read More..

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Movie And Video Enhancing May Be The Most Necessary Part Of Making Movies

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Whilst it’s honest to say that some of Doris Day’s movies have been remarkably similar with a recurring theme of being either a career minded young woman or duped by a man they worked nicely and made for some marvelous movies made memorable normally by at least one musical scene showcasing Day’s great singing voice.

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Finest Cities For Voice Over Work

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Though “On Moonlight Bay” has a storyline, in reality it has just a few storylines it is very much a musical with quite a few musical moments featuring both the wonderful Doris Day or the equally wonderful Gordon MacRae and often collectively.
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Sexuality And Horror Movies

Each time a science fiction movie is being produced, it is no shock that lots of the films backgrounds are created using pc-generated imaging or constructed on a studio back lot. 8. Evening at The Museum: Larry Daley is … Read More..

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